The hand brewing of coffee is too delicate a technique is not metaphysics?

Be such, any profession, professional and amateur are having essential distinction to.

When we look at coffee, we look at the molecular level, we look at the range of chemical reactions that occur during roasting, and we look at the physical changes that occur during brewing.

The emergence of professional theoretical knowledge is to better promote the development of the industry, and to better make good products.

The hand brewing of coffee is too delicate a technique is not metaphysics

However, WHAT I have always stressed is that coffee research is always an experimental scientific research, and all the so-called digitalization is not exclusive.

I have a superficial knowledge of coffee brewing, such as water temperature, grinding degree, water flow speed and so on. Of course, from the general direction, the temperature of water affects the extraction rate, and the grinding thickness affects the extraction rate, which may present a positive or negative correlation.

But to specify an exclusive option, telling everyone what a certain cooking parameter must be, then I think it is biased.

In conclusion, enjoy the magic of coffee rather than focusing on the numbers, since coffee tastes and smells are highly subjective.

But we can master the basic skills of coffee brewing under the premise of continuous practice, explore the fun and experience of coffee making.

The hand brewing of coffee is too delicate a technique is not metaphysics

If you focus on the data, everything you use now will be the wrong answer the next second.

Although this theory has some bars, but for too metaphysical coffee friends, maybe you can think about it.

For example, for a certain type of roasted coffee beans today, the master suggests that the grinding degree is A, using 88 degrees of specific water, using method A, boiling for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and then standing for 10 seconds to taste.

If so, all parameters change when the master finishes the cup.

Let alone another person, even if the same method A, it is impossible to replicate the same operation.

In the next three minutes, another drop of oxidized coffee beans added 0.05g of residual powder in the grinder. The grain size of the powder is not exactly the same. So should the water temperature be increased by 0.05 degrees? To be good?

So don’t run away from the problem

Therefore, I think coffee is a drink, you can discover the happiness of the production process, professional research to professional people, you can learn more, but everyone has the right to choose, why to over-guide and mislead?

The hand brewing of coffee is too delicate a technique is not metaphysics

What you like is good.

The reason why so many details of hand-brewed coffee were developed in Japan is that the country has a history of being a stickler for details.

Therefore, coffee, happiness is the most important, so I particularly hope that China can establish its own professional standards in the coffee industry, such as SCA and other things, which are not quite in line with Asian characteristics.

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