Why do so many people like coffee when I don’t think it tastes good?

Do so many people really like coffee? Not necessarily.

I have sca certificate myself, but I have many industries to choose from, not just coffee. I just observed the industry and made consideration, so I came to the conclusion that I would not be limited by interest. And I wrote a paper related to the marketing of the coffee industry and won an award, I can’t say specific, equal to self-disclosure.

First, it is easy to be criticized but close to life. Quite a number of people who drink coffee every day do not really love coffee, but regard coffee as one of the elements of life sustention or self-construction. Coffee has been associated with force in many people’s minds because of perennial marketing. In the early years I go to the coffee shop, in the face of the understanding of the coffee is very chaotic, even have sprouted new post questions results building more than 10 different answers, answer to stagger, chaotic cognitive destined they may even identify a bean can drink all can’t do that, even the grinding powder, this link will be cognitive deviation is great, how could they make coffee drink. Espresso without after a certain study practice, fundamental do bad, go to taobao search intention coffee machine buyers show, a bunch of people playing the milk foam soap water, also don’t understand extract powder, water, how to adjust the time, they make every day to drink coffee is compared with the normal difficult to drink a lot of coffee. So they don’t love coffee, they love the “self” that drinks coffee.

Why do so many people like coffee when I don't think it tastes good

Let’s be clear: coffee, like alcohol and tobacco, is an intake that must be actively learned to be accepted. That is to say, these are not things that people instinctively like, or feel good about consuming. What’s wrong with the coffee? Not to mention coffee is a stimulant beverage, which has side effects on the human body, such as on an hourly basis: heartbeat, hand shaking, dizziness, vomiting; Take day as unit to drink successively: get hot, eye excrement increases, cough, burn stomach. Caffeine ° tolerance is strong when I don’t say. Even if tea is good, not everyone can tolerate it every day for twelve months.

I forgot one of the multiple choice or true choice questions on my SCA exam, which made me feel ridiculous. It basically said that drinking coffee is actually good for your heart. There would be no such thing as drunk coffee in people who are caffeine intolerant and have their heart beat so fast they can hear it and their hands shake. Even if it’s not for the heart, it’s hard to believe that a drink that makes you physically sick is a positive for your health. The sugar industry and breakfast cereal companies have bought papers and newspapers.

Some people conclude that the subject has never drunk good coffee, so what is good coffee? Let me give you an example. I can flush the flavor out of the flavor wheel by hand. I say these beans are good coffee beans. I want to speak a little but about flavor round about training, training is induced composition, teaching will bring you smell the fragrance, let you smell the coffee, remind you of the flavor of the wheel on the flavor, hand blunt make you drink again, ask you what taste you try not to come out for the first time will tell you so-and-so origin features is usually a citrus, floral, nuts, berries… It makes you think that specialty coffee is flavorful. The flavor on the flavor wheel means that the coffee you make can be associated with the flavor label on the package. If you don’t label the flavor, you may not be able to identify the three flavor labels when someone pours it out for you, which is why explanation is one of the professional skills of a barista. For real, hand brew a berry/citrus/pineapple coffee bean. Thirty or forty percent of the flavor is berry, and the rest is bitter/sour/coffee. What if you go to the supermarket and buy a box of fresh strawberries, mulberry mushrooms/oranges/pineapples? ! Huh? !

Why do so many people like coffee when I don't think it tastes good

And milk coffee, you eat three meals a day under the circumstances of drinking that big cup of milk do not want to vomit? Yeah, I know a few people who can drink milk like water, but most people have a hard time. Think of the lunch residue still in your stomach and drink a cup of milk coffee at four in the afternoon. Is it easy to react? Breakfast to drink some still about, but to remember to contain some warm water slowly swallowed, otherwise careful work halitosis. I’d rather eat some powder and noodles and rinse my mouth out.

And always say that others have not drunk good coffee better give a standard of good coffee, otherwise it is infinite nesting dolls.

Boutique coffee beans I do not buy, many flavor beans, quality control is not stable. The coffee drinker Maiilly, a reputable brand, will not be deceived. Even if you make your own espresso at home, you can extract very good espresso, which is much better than the mixed coffee in some cafes. Choosing goods itself is really not that complicated, why go out to buy more than 30 cups of coffee when you can solve your own needs? Unless the place is so good that the coffee is tasteless and the whipped cream is excellent.

To sum up, coffee is an irritant beverage that needs to be actively acquired, instinctively disoriented, and controlled according to tolerance to learn to drink.

If you think that a lot of people like drinking coffee because starbucks has so many people, I suggest you take a look at starbucks’ marketing strategy. The main value it really provides is third space and identity tag. Anyone with a bit of experience knows that Starbucks coffee is real and expensive. The commercial label of coffee in China is the same as that of milk tea, but it provides consumers with a lifestyle and scene rather than nectar. Starbucks would have gone bankrupt if it only exploited coffee as a beverage or crop itself.

Why do so many people like coffee when I don't think it tastes good

And the original race is different, even if it is really popular in the West coffee, Oriental people should stop drinking in time, or grasp the amount of tolerance, do not take health to cater to the consumption context shaped by some businesses. Time to write a paper checked information, sell better in Japan is also tea instead of coffee, if my future which day to enter this industry, I also is to understand the purpose of this store by what the support of the or how it works, looking for the possibility of survival in this industry or any suitable position, Instead of putting all your energy into a drink, coffee.

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