How to annoy coffee lovers with one sentence?

"I'm very particular about my coffee. I drink it black. It's not even coffee with sugar."

When I was in Japan, there was an aunt in my group who was very arrogant. She asked me to help her order because she could not communicate with me.

How to annoy coffee lovers with one sentence

She complained about the lack of good coffee shops in Japan throughout the whole journey, saying that she could not live without coffee. Then, when she arrived at a scenic spot, there was a coffee shop with a lot of adults.

As soon as I entered the house, she told me that she could not understand and asked me to read the menu for her. After a glance, I found that there were all kinds of basic coffee, and I personally thought that since my aunt was such an experienced coffee lover, she would not like those fancy coffee, so SHE said that the menu was complete and she could order directly according to her usual preferences.

How to annoy coffee lovers with one sentence

And then she gave me this.

All right.

So do you want American or do you want drip or espresso, and they have a hand wash? My aunt was silent and told me, "Just the usual black coffee, Starbucks."

I didn't specify the coffee beans, so I thought I didn't want brew type, so I went to get her an Americano and brought it back to me and complained that there was no good black coffee from Chinese Starbucks all the way.

Interests: Can't live without coffee, addicted to homemade coffee, lactose intolerant so generally addicted to homemade coffee.

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