Starbucks China first launched icechen espresso series

On June 14, the reporter learned that Starbucks China announced the launch of a new iced coffee category - "Icechen concentrated" series. "Icecshaker espresso" breaks with the traditional way of making espresso by shaking the coffee to give it a richer visual texture and taste, according to Dwight CAI, CHIEF executive officer of Starbucks China.

According to Zhu Danpeng, a food industry analyst, Starbucks, as a leading coffee brand in China, has never stopped its pace of innovation and upgrading. The launch of this new category will help improve its product matrix to a certain extent and strengthen the stickiness between the brand and consumers. The development of diversified categories not only matches the industry trend, but also matches the strategic needs of Starbucks' own development.

In fact, Starbucks didn't start out serving espresso drinks. It is understood that Starbucks was founded in 1971, in its early years to sell coffee beans, tea and spices.

Back in 1983, Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, was traveling in Milan, Italy, where he stumbled upon espresso and was deeply attracted by the local cafe culture. He decided this was the future of Starbucks and brought espresso and brewed coffee drinks back to the United States.

Then came the definition of "a Starbucks espresso." On this basis, Starbucks has gradually developed a complete system for coffee bean selection, blending formula and roasting method. Meanwhile, it has also made adjustments in water quality, coffee machines, baristas and even store design.

Starbucks China first launched icechen espresso seriesTherefore, as one of the important categories of Starbucks, it is inevitable to promote a new layout in the Chinese market.

According to the data of CIC, the sales scale of coffee products in China will be 65.5 billion YUAN in 2020. With the in-depth development of coffee culture, the related market has great potential for future development. And the huge prospect of domestic coffee market, especially to the head of the brand brought no small contribution. Starbucks has said that China has become the company's fastest growing and largest overseas market.

However, with the entrance of convenience store/fast food store coffee, crossover players, boutique coffee and emerging Chinese brands, the competition in the coffee industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Product innovation has become the key to retain customers and an important differentiating factor in the coffee industry. Zhang Chenkai, consulting director of CIC, pointed out that it is equally important for coffee brands to retain and continuously upgrade quality classic products while introducing new products that can meet customers' changing tastes and preferences.

Talking about the importance of icichen concentrate in the domestic market, Starbucks said that ichen concentrate will be a new core coffee category with unlimited potential for expansion, just like flat white, cold brew and other new categories successfully introduced by Starbucks in China over the past 20 years. In the future, customers will not only be able to customize their own flavors of Icecube concentrate, but will also see different flavors of icecube concentrate introduced in different seasons.

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