The difference between coffee


Mix: 100% espresso

Commonly known as espresso. Espresso is an espresso that is extracted from coffee with high-pressure steam. It has a layer of oil on the surface, and tastes bitter and fragrant


American coffee

Mix: 30% water 70% espresso

Black coffee made in a drip coffee maker, or espresso made with a lot of water



Mix: 50% milk foam 20% milk 30% espresso

It is a kind of Italian coffee mixed with the same amount of Italian coffee and steam foam milk. Refrigerated milk is foamed with high pressure steam and then added to espresso, a popular latte known as a cappuccino.

The difference between coffeemocha

Mix: 50% milk foam 20% cocoa 30% espresso

It's a blend of espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk



Mix: 70% milk 30% espresso

A latte is a classic blend of espresso and milk. The cup is made up of espresso and then milk. (Latte means milk in Italy, and latte is coffee with milk)



Mix: 40% milk foam 60% espresso

Macchiato does not add milk, just some foam on the espresso, about half the amount of coffee. This is also the biggest difference from the latte. The macchiato retains the concentrated richness and only uses the foam to neutralize some of the sour coffee

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