How to store coffee beans and when to drink them?

How to store your coffee at home, where to put it, and when to drink it.

Here, how do you store the beans and when do you drink them? And so on a series of questions, for everyone to do the most detailed explanation.

One, fresh-roasted coffee should be three days old before drinking.
As the saying goes, hot tofu can't be cooked in a rush, and the same is true of freshly roasted coffee. Because of too much carbon dioxide in freshly roasted coffee beans, and all kinds of roasted gases can't be eliminated, various flavors can't be fully released, and you only have a very strong pyrotechnical taste, and the flavor is not clear and obvious.

So beans are not the fresher the better, they need three days to "exhaust", to get rid of those fireworks smell, this process, we call cultivation beans, at this time, there is no need to rush from the bag to another container, do not try too early, after all, the time is up, the flavor will release.

Two, where is the best place to put coffee?
Coffee is not as rigorously stored as wine or tea. It only needs to be stored in a dry, dark environment, as long as it is not near heat sources. But don't store it in the fridge either, as the little water inside can wreaks havoc on the coffee's flavor.

If you don't drink coffee for a long time, you can put it in a special clean, odor-free refrigerator to keep it away from other foods. When the coffee is ready to drink, take the coffee out of the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for an hour or two. When the beans are almost room temperature, open the package and extract the coffee.

How to store coffee beans and when to drink them?Three, how long to buy coffee to drink the best?
As a matter of fact, a well-roasted coffee can be kept in good condition for two to three months, and the internal exhaust of the coffee will last for more than 40 days. At this time, we do not need to pay too much attention to the change of coffee taste.

Of course, coffee is freshest and tastes best within half a month to a month after you get it. At this time, the flavor of coffee is clear and clean, and there is no bad taste.

Four, what container is better for storing coffee?
Coffee is best stored in airtight cans or one-way vent bags lined mostly with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil blocks light and air, preventing outside gases from seep in, and a one-way vent valve pulls out excess CARBON dioxide so the bag doesn't burst when it's unopened.

And sealed jar had better be in the glass jar that chooses opaque light, the transparent jar that shows of course also is not cannot, 2 special seal jar that contains exhaust valve also can have better raise bean effect, slow down balmy thing volatilize and oxidation speed.

Coffee store, although looks simple, but it also has a lot of knowledge, of course, the most important thing is not to grind coffee, so that the flavor of the coffee is easy to dissipate, conditional best oneself buy a coffee mill, grinding to drink now now, or go to coffee cafe at hand, in order to get the best coffee experience.

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