Coffee bean storage knowledge

Domestic consumption of coffee group increased year by year, sales of coffee beans is becoming more and more diverse, in order to choose to suit their own coffee beans, before buying the coffee beans we should know how to save the coffee beans and stored, and avoid store coffee beans after buy back because of the improper way and led to a decline in the aroma of coffee beans, quality.

Every food has a shelf life, and coffee beans are no exception. Roasted beans can last for about a month, while vacuum-stored beans can last for up to two months. Daily coffee drinkers can buy half a pound of coffee first. Ground coffee can be stored for up to a week at room temperature and two weeks sealed.

What containers are used for preservation?

An airtight container is the most suitable container for storing coffee. The coffee beans or coffee powder should be placed directly into the airtight container after opening. The coffee beans should be stored in a low temperature and humidity environment, avoiding the sun.

Effects of improper storage

In high temperature and humid climate, coffee is prone to produce ochratoxin, a colorless crystalline compound, due to mold growth and improper environmental temperature and humidity, which has very serious negative effects on human health, including kidney poisoning, liver poisoning, and even kidney failure or cancer in severe cases. Hot roasted beans still contain 30 percent residue after five minutes, also because large amounts of ocher toxin can be produced in roasted beans or not if they are not properly preserved.

Therefore, the four most important factors in preserving coffee beans are "sunlight, oxygen, temperature and humidity". The best way to preserve coffee beans is to avoid contact with these four factors.

Coffee bean storage knowledge1. Refrigerate

Generally speaking, the best time to taste coffee beans is about two weeks and keep them indoors in the shade. If the coffee beans are packed in large packages, they can be separated into vacuum bags when it is confirmed that there is no moisture in the coffee beans. In this way, the coffee beans will not be affected by moisture when they are taken out and used repeatedly, which will make the coffee beans deteriorate. Even if the coffee can be stored in low temperature for an extended period of time, it is still recommended to drink it in a short time to enjoy the delicious coffee itself.

If frozen coffee beans are taken out and immediately opened, the temperature difference will cause condensation and moisture on the surface, greatly damaging the quality! Therefore, do not unpack the coffee beans after taking out, be sure to leave the ice at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours, and then use it after dropping to room temperature. Remember that beans that have been taken out of the refrigerator should not be put back in to prevent moisture from affecting flavor during freezing and defreezing.

There is some debate about freezing, but the more appropriate advice is to divide the beans into small portions, and remove as many beans as you need to use once and for all.

2. Place in hot and humid environment

If the weather is hot and humid, moisture in the air can seep into the coffee beans and wash away the aroma oils, leading to a bad smell. It is important to keep the beans in a dry, cool place to prevent them from absorbing too much moisture or becoming too hot to spoil.

Coffee beans are afraid of heat (sunlight, heat), fear of moisture ~ in fact, as long as you understand the point, the life of coffee beans will not be goodbye to you. Store in a "cool", "dry" place (not in the sun, if you need to put in an airtight container with opaque material, do not remove the original packaging, coffee into an airtight container).

3. Lots of oxygen exposure

Roasted coffee beans contain less water and therefore do not spoil easily. On the other hand, because coffee is a seed crop, it has a high fat content, and when it comes into contact with oxygen, it starts to sour and rot. Therefore, it is better to use a closed container that can isolate oxygen. When preserving coffee, the most important thing is to keep light and air out. For this reason, coffee bags are almost always aluminized, allowing them to trap air and light.

The best way to preserve coffee is to use tinned cans. However, if you go to most coffee shops, you will find that many shops use transparent sealed bottles to preserve coffee. This is based on display, because the store has to display the coffee to sell it. Coffee from such cafes is usually sold quickly, so the chances of bad taste from poor storage are very small.

4. Grind to powder and store

Storage in ground coffee is not recommended. Even if the freshly roasted coffee beans, once ground into powder, its contact surface with the air greatly increases, oxidation is very fast, the freshness of the coffee will immediately lose, also because the coffee beans have little water content, easy to absorb water in the air, leading to easy oxidation and corruption.

So buy coffee beans, and if you have ground them, drink them as soon as possible within two weeks of their freshness.

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