Coffee dregs are also valuable and have many uses

Hello everyone, for many friends who love coffee, they usually pay more attention to the coffee drink itself, as well as coffee beans and coffee powder. Most of them do not care about the coffee grounds left after making coffee, and they are basically thrown away directly.

In fact, coffee can not only make drinks, the residual residue also has a lot of magic, today to share with you.

I usually put coffee grounds in an ashtray to avoid the smell of tar in the house.

Coffee grounds can remove odors from the refrigerator. It is recommended to dry the coffee grounds before placing them in the refrigerator for better odor removal.

Coffee grounds can also be used as fertilizer for flowers to grow better. However, make sure to ferment the grounds before using them, or the pot will grow hairs from the grounds and get a lot of flying insects.

Coffee dregs are also valuable and have many uses

However, coffee grounds are not as awesome as the Internet says, and some popular methods of using them are wrong. For example, some people say that putting coffee grounds next to newly bought furniture can absorb formaldehyde in filtered furniture, which is a bit too high.

They also say that coffee grounds can be used to wash dishes, and the particles will help remove the grease from the cutlery, which can't be done, because the coffee grounds themselves contain oil, and if you use them to wash dishes, you will only get worse and worse, and you will end up using dishwashing liquid.

Once a friend asked me for a large amount of coffee grounds, I asked him to do what? He told me that the coffee grounds still retain the caffeine in them, which can be used as a beautifying and facial mask to improve the skin. Watching them take it, I can only say to myself, don't clog your sewer, this thing can not have a beauty effect.

Actually, when it comes down to it, the purpose of coffee grounds is mainly in two directions. One is to use its own flavor to achieve the effect of deodorization, and the other is to make fertilizer, but not all plants can be used.

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