How to choose the sugar that goes with coffee?

If it is at home to drink the press coffee, electric drip coffee, hand coffee, hanging ear coffee such black coffee, personal advice to use the kitchen at home all the white sugar on the line, the right amount of add, because the purpose of adding sugar is to make the taste comfortable, and neutralize the bitterness of coffee. The sweetness of white sugar is higher than that of white granulated sugar, and the consistency of the taste is improved accordingly, making it smoother to drink.

If you use a fully automatic coffee machine or semi-automatic coffee machine to make cappuccinos and lattes, in addition to white sugar, you can also put brown sugar, this collocation is rarely said, but many friends are drinking this way. When the brown sugar is added to the coffee made with milk, the caramel flavor of the brown sugar will make the coffee taste and the taste of milk blend better, and the sweetness is also moderate.

Make the above coffee at home, if you don't want to use white and brown sugar, you can also choose rock sugar, the effect is also very brilliant. For example, it is a new experience to put a few rock candies in the cup before making the hanging ear coffee.

How to choose the sugar that goes with coffee?Another good thing to have in your kitchen is honey. Add a small amount of honey in coffee to increase the flavor of coffee, but also a good match, jujube nectar, laurel nectar and so on, not only can increase the sweetness of coffee, but also good for the body.

If you are drinking coffee in a cafe, you will usually be served with these types of sugar. One is granulated white sugar, which comes in bags or cubes, one is brown sugar, which also comes in bags or cubes, and one is substitute sugar. In addition, some cafes also prepare a variety of flavors of syrup.

When you order a cup of black coffee, such as a hand-made coffee or an Americano, adding white granulated sugar will brighten the taste and make it more refreshing than white sugar. If you add a flavored syrup to the black coffee, it can be interesting. Almond flavored Colombian coffee, vanilla flavored Americano, etc., so try each flavor one by one.

Brown sugar is usually used with white coffee, cappuccino, latte and so on. The purpose of the brown sugar is to enhance the flavor of the milk, so that when the coffee is mixed with the milk, the taste of the milk is more prominent.

Of course, coffee with milk can also be flavored with syrups, both sweet and different flavor experience. Some friends because of physical reasons, can not take in too much sugar, when drinking coffee can choose sugar, as long as the sweetness, keep healthy.

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