How to choose milk when making milk coffee?

Hello, everyone. Today we're going to talk about one of coffee's closest partners -- milk. Many people like to add milk to their coffee, and many friends make a cappuccino, latte, etc., at home. So, how to choose milk with coffee? Pure milk or milk balls? Domestic or imported? Does it work with both whole and skim? Are there alternatives, like coconut milk or oat milk, that work? Below, I would like to share with you my experience.

Start with the most simple black coffee, in black coffee with different milk, taste is completely different. My suggestion is to choose your province or city, the biggest milk brand, such as in Beijing choose Sanyuan milk, in Shanghai can choose bright milk, in Tianjin can consider Haihe dairy and so on. Typically, local milk brands source their milk locally, from the farm to the can to your hand, and the milk is fresher than the milk from outside, making the coffee taste better.

Whether you're making your coffee in a press or by hand, if it's hot, I recommend heating the milk to a similar temperature as the coffee, so the coffee will taste better with the milky flavor.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of heating the milk separately and want to have a good milky coffee, I recommend pouring the warm milk into the coffee cup and then smashing the hot coffee into the warm milk. This method is much better than pouring the warm milk into the warm coffee. You can try it.

How to choose milk when making milk coffee?It used to be popular to add milk balls to coffee, and now many coffee consumers are using them. Milk balls are favored by many consumers because they are compact and portable. However, milk ball is not milk, it is a kind of artificial white liquid, with coffee taste very smooth, milk flavor enough, many people take milk ball as a substitute for milk, in fact, they are completely two different things.

When making a cup of cappuccino and latte at home, some local milk foam is not ideal and can not make milk foam. Many friends will choose to buy imported milk.

Then how to find a suitable for their own milk foam effect is good, and coffee with excellent taste after the imported milk? First look at the production date, the closer to you the better.

If possible, it is recommended to buy several brands for trial and error. Different brands of milk with the same coffee will produce different sweetness and taste levels. Some imported milk brands and coffee taste bland, some will have a taste of milk, it is recommended to buy a few try to find their own taste of milk.

Some friends like to use skim milk to mix the right coffee, this is also a good choice, not only get a cup of coffee taste smooth, also do not have to worry about too much fat intake. But because the milk is skim, there will be some loss of taste. Hot coffee with hot skim milk is recommended. It tastes better.

Nowadays, there are more and more innovative coffee, many coffee shop menu is mostly innovative drinks, including a lot of milk and coffee collocation. For example, coconut milk coffee, thick milk series coffee, and soy milk, which have been popular abroad for more than 3 years, are all designed to enrich the taste of coffee and provide consumers with more choices.

To sum up, from the perspective of daily drinking, in fact, most of the milk can be matched with coffee, constantly try different taste styles, which is also the fun of life.

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