How does coffee taste with Chinese pastry?

The cafes on the market will have desserts to sell, but most of them are Western cakes or desserts. Moreover, people’s impression is that coffee should be paired with Western cakes.

In my opinion, not necessarily. The role of dessert is to improve the taste of coffee, which is a kind of sublimation of taste and after, the biggest contribution is sweet, which has little to do with whether the dessert is western. So, if the Western coffee and Chinese traditional pastry together what kind of spark? Do these two go together? How do you build it?

To share with you their own collocation experience, the pastry is bought from the Daoxiang village near our home dim sum, belonging to the kind of common people love to eat, is also more representative.

Many friends like to drink instant coffee in order to save trouble, and the majority of hot and dry processing technology, a cup of simple coffee, with a piece of rice fragrant village honey cake, first let the chewing sense wake up the body, and then fill a coffee, a good day is started. Generally, hot and dry instant coffee has a strong taste, and the soft honey cake is very comfortable in the mouth. Freeze-dried instant coffee can also be used this way and works just as well.

Many hobbyists like to make a cup of hand-brewed coffee at home. In principle, American electric drip filters and hanging ear coffee are similar to hand-brewed coffee, which are naturally filtered coffee with a smooth, clean taste

For this kind of coffee, I like to drink rose cake with flowers, first break a piece into the mouth and gently chew, feel the rose fragrance into the nasal cavity, and then drink a coffee, this little life can ah.

French press is a way of making that I can’t do without, because it is made by soaking style, with thick taste and strong pure texture. I like to match a big peach crisp with walnut meat, which is a delicacy for many people when they were young! Commonly known as a big piece of fruit, first look for the part with walnut, the first bite with walnut, let the taste of nuts and dessert sweet fusion, and then a big mouthful of coffee, a word in Beijing:!

There are also many friends using moka pot to make coffee, like that kind of heavy taste, as long as the pot is used, it is difficult to put down, until now there is no other way to replace the coffee taste made by Moka pot, it is quite violent!

My favorite combination of mocha pot coffee with a snack dessert is river rice bar, which was one of my favorite snacks when I was a kid because it’s so sweet and chewy and crunchy! Eat a piece of river rice bar, chew it up, swallow half of it first, come to a mouth of Italian traditional style mocha pot coffee, but also what bicycle!

Some friends use a small semi-automatic coffee machine or automatic coffee machine at home, if the production of American coffee, I suggest a piece of Sakima, because the American coffee pressure is heavy, Sakima taste is soft, but very sweet, just to neutralize.

Usually people who drink Americano at home are anxious, first take a sip of coffee, then take a sip of sachima, swallow and then take a sip of coffee. Just can’t stop and start your day full of energy. If you have very sour coffee at home, try it with sachima.

When I make Cappuccino or Latte coffee at home, the most common thing I go with is ox tongue. Don’t laugh, many of my friends drink their lattes with ox tongue at my suggestion, and some of them order a takeaway coffee in the morning and prepare ox tongue at home.

Do not underestimate the collocation of ox tongue cake and coffee, because making coffee at home, can not guarantee the stability of each cup of production, ox tongue cake is to dissolve the instability of coffee, milk coffee and ox tongue cake mix, the appetite is fully satisfied, happiness will come.

In fact, people who like coffee do not need to become coffee experts, nor do they need to strictly follow the ratio of water powder or water temperature in each cup. Too dogmatic, it will only make this supposedly happy thing become very tired, and it will be more tired to imply that “coffee must be accompanied by western dessert”. Not so many rules and fixed patterns, a cup of drink, just drink happy on the line, the Dragon Boat Festival zongzi can be with coffee, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes can also be with coffee, a cup of coffee with a piece of Chinese pastry, this is not our ordinary people’s life?

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