The correct way to open the beancutter

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about a small electric coffee grinder that is commonly used at home. Some people also call it a "beancutter". As for the bean-chopping machine, there are mixed opinions. Some people say it is cheap, cheap and good to use, while others think it is rough and just a chicken rib product. Is it reliable?

The beancutter is a small device with a simple structure. It has a stainless steel cup and bowl with a blade standing up inside. You can put the coffee bean into the cup and bowl, close the lid, and press the power button to grind it, much like many primary juicers.

In order to grind the ground coffee evenly, it is recommended to shake it like a bartender.

When the coffee powder reaches the thickness you want, release the power button, turn it upside down, gently pat it, let the coffee powder into the inside of the lid, remove the motor part, a coffee powder is finished grinding.

Many coffee practitioners do not like the little guy, because the coffee powder is knocked out by the blade of the bean chopping machine, and the powder is uneven, which will affect the taste of the coffee.

Here it needs to be said that the beancutter is designed for the family kitchen, it is also a small food processor, not only can grind coffee beans, but also can make peanuts into peanut ground, Sichuan pepper into pepper foam, pepper into chili, etc., convenient and practical.

At present, 40% of family kitchens in Australia have a bean-chopping machine, and the proportion of family kitchens in North America using bean-chopping machines is higher. In fact, if you want to get a cup of coffee at home, if you are worried about the freshness of the ground coffee, this little guy is more than adequate.

You see, to make press coffee, you need some coarse ground coffee, just cut it down to this state. For drip coffee or hand coffee, make it a little thinner. Cut it a little longer until it reaches this thickness.

There are downsides, of course. It can't cut the beans to the level used in a mocha pot or a small semi-automatic coffee machine, because it can't grind the beans to that level.

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