That’s all the average person needs to know about coffee!

There is no need to think of coffee as high-end, coffee is as essential to health for Europeans as tea is for Chinese people. Some people feel that coffee is high and upscale, because of the lack of mastery of coffee, but also because coffee has not entered the millions of homes. With the progress of The Times, Chinese people gradually have a better attitude towards coffee.

That's all the average person needs to know about coffee

Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans. The coffee plant produces coffee beans, which are turned into coffee. After the coffee beans are perfected, they are harvested, cleaned and dried to obtain usable raw coffee beans, which are roasted to get cooked beans. The cooked beans are ground into powder, and the pure coffee is obtained by means of brewing and boiling.

Anyone who has ever drunk coffee knows that coffee has a variety of flavors and everything. It depends on the origin of the coffee. Generally speaking, areas with better light intensity and higher altitude produce better quality beans. In addition, it is related to the production process and, crucially, to the roasting of the coffee beans.

Coffee beans are generally light roasted, light to medium roasted or deep roasted according to the level of roasting. Medium to heavy roasting coffee, dark color, direct drinking of bitter, high vegetable oil composition, suitable for espresso. Espresso, latte, pattern coffee, generally all medium to heavy roasted coffee beans. Some service venues like espresso water, diluent into modern Americano.

Speaking of coffee production machinery and equipment, of course, there are a lot of, generally speaking, coffee production has automatic coffee machine, automatic coffee machine, hand pot, French press, mocha pot, siphon pot and so on. For convenience, you can buy a general automatic coffee machine. But if you want to taste good, also don’t bother, semi-automatic coffee machine is a very good choice.

We can not only make coffee by hand for fun and taste, but also let the machine help us save effort. We can make coffee as mellow as possible while saving time and energy as much as possible.

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