Want to open a coffee shop but how do you find suppliers

Open your own shop. Tell me about your own shop. At the beginning, coffee beans were from another local coffee shop. Beans are relatively expensive, but I think they are the best in the area of more than ten kilometers. Raw beans used by themselves are good, so naturally they are expensive.

the cafe supplier

Now with beans is a local bakery factory, beans, generally good, actually also struggle for a while, finally choose low cost of this kind of business, more than 90% because of go to the coffee shop customers don’t understand coffee, where good beans also drink don’t come out good, might as well put the cost on to improve the quality of service.

Beans in half a month, beans in the shop are very fresh! Not the best, but better than most stores around.

So beans personally think to find the nearest baking factory or individuals, can maximize the guarantee of freshness, ordinary price beans can, after all, you are in business.

I buy fruit in two or three days, because there are western food, the kitchen will come to the market every day, because I live close to the market, convenient procurement, fruit will also buy.

Sometimes when business is good, fruit will also be out of stock, in case of emergency is the nearby fruit store. Actually also can talk about supply directly with nearby fruit store, comprehensive cost is not high.

the cafe supplier

Nestle milk, the price is more transparent, at first online, but now also local suppliers.

There are often door-to-door sales at ordinary times, individuals feel that the early small batch ordering brand can. Some suppliers don’t need to find them, they will find them in the process of opening your shop, including cream, ice cream and so on. Dessert goes to the dessert shop of periphery directly buy taste, pick one or two oneself satisfaction, price is appropriate talk about supply.

Don’t hold the mentality of once and for all, thinking about looking for a lifetime, come first, and then adjust! Finally, as the experience to give some advice: first of all you are business, followed by coffee, is to make money!

The quality of products can be improved in the business process. After all, it is easy for coffee shops to change milk for beans. Including machinery and equipment, but also can be improved after stable operation, the entry machine to choose the popular, relatively easy to sell. I have seen with more than 100,000 coffee machine shop, not out of half a year on the bankruptcy, coffee business is not so good to do, come on!

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