Why does coffee shop coffee taste better than instant coffee?

You get what you pay for.

If a 30-yuan cup of coffee in a coffee shop is no better than a 1-yuan bag of instant coffee, then why?

Oh, don’t tell me, there really is a coffee shop whose coffee is not as quick as this one yuan!
There are some commercial coffee shop coffee, ho, not directly drink milk, after adding coffee, but make people can not speak coffee taste, just look at the coffee is not worth the price ah ~

Why does coffee shop coffee taste better than instant coffee

But that’s okay. Maybe it’s not the wine.

It’s selling tonality, it’s selling environment, it’s selling feeling, and coffee, when he says that, don’t take it seriously.

So some people might ask, why do some cafes taste so good?

Cough, above just say that finish, have to sell tonality, environment and feeling, have dead knock quality to sell true · coffee!

Let’s take milk coffee as an example.

Good coffee beans, good milk.

Why does coffee shop coffee taste better than instant coffee

Note, I said suitable, not necessarily expensive is good, this should be distinguished, suitable coffee bean blending and good milk fusion, can achieve twice the result with half the effort ~

Excluding the rent and water, the cost of a good cup of milk coffee would be five to seven or eight yuan, beating instant coffee.

So, young people don’t take advantage of language, sometimes the forest big, shovel-filled cafes have plenty of Austria ~ such as the author had seen, coffee shop selling instant, 10 yuan a cup, someone to buy ah, and what to say?

Can a $10 instant drink in a coffee shop taste the same as a $1 instant drink in the office?

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