Excavator maintenance master, never spread the maintenance secrets!

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The temperature of the engine is high. After removing the thermostat, the holes under the thermostat seat should be blocked with wood plugs to prevent hot water recirculation.
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The minimum core in the pilot handle mainly plays the role of micro operation.

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Individual parts are often blocked, should check whether the takeover of the road is caused by internal peeling.

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​distributor stem spring is thinner in the middle than the outer ring thick short, should be at the end of the action stroke buffer, the middle sleeve limits the stem stroke.

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General judgment of iron filings:

1. Shiny is produced by the cylinder, because of the low speed, it does not lose luster.

2. Hair black is produced by pump, or motor bearing, because of high speed rotation, dull.

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Slow or immobile movement; ​the related pilot secondary pressure is less than 20KG. Reason: When replacing the handle oil seal, the small core on the lower side falls below and is not in the hole of the valve stem. In the field, the long and thick wire with little difference is used to replace it. Test run, OK.

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About walking weak: long time in the seaside parked vehicles, track shaft rust death, resulting in walking resistance, weak.

Measure: Replace crawler shaft.

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The handle becomes heavy: 1. Reason: the oil return pipe of the handle is not free. Treatment: Replace the return pipe. 2. Cause: a small hole of the pilot control spool of the handle related to the action is blocked. 3. Wash and done.

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Black smoke: oil head, oil pump, supercharger (including intercooling, pipeline), air filter, and then hydraulic pump overload.

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After the pump is installed, you can pour kerosene leakage test at the high-pressure mouth, if leakage, to find the cause. Is the valve plate installed in reverse, the pressure is not enough, the cylinder body and the plate, the plate and the intermediate surface are not good.

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Hydraulic oil temperature: the oil temperature in the tank is not more than 90 degrees (old car), the new car is less than 80 degrees.

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When the hydraulic pump is repaired, the cylinder block and the plunger are removed. It is best to mark the cylinder block and the plunger. When reassembling, the plunger should be removed in order to avoid the bad friction pair of the coupling parts and cause excessive internal leakage.

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The main factors of high temperature of hydraulic oil: 1. Leakage; 2. Reduce expenditure; 3. Heat dissipation.

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Hydraulic tank cover damage, can not maintain the pressure, will make no back pressure in the tank, pump suction port without pressure, oil intake resistance increases, pump easy to inhale air, resulting in premature damage to the pump.

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Black smoke without load: the main pressure of the big arm without load is generally about 110-120kg. If the pressure is too high, the oil return resistance should be considered. For details, you can refer to the heavy equipment manuals.

Cause: 1, distributor valve stem is wrong. 2. The back pressure of the return oil is too high. Check whether the return oil check valve is stuck and the return oil filter element is blocked.

Excavator maintenance master, never spread the maintenance secrets!

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About holding back the car:

1, if the engine is eating the load when the black smoke, and the engine speed is serious, the power absorbed by the hydraulic pump may be greater than the engine power. If the displacement is reduced a little bit, the phenomenon will improve, is a hydraulic problem.

2, the engine power is insufficient, check the oil circuit, air filter element, pressurization pressure, oil advance Angle, etc. Especially enough to buy a second cell phone must be well discerned.

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Heavy handle:

1, the pilot pressure is low, the oil inlet filter is blocked.

2. The return pipe of the handle is not free from the oil tank, resulting in excessive oil return resistance.

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The whole car has no action after changing the hydraulic oil for three days:

Reason: the replaced oil reacts with the original oil, the 7 valve stem is dead, and the pilot lock solenoid valve is stuck. Treatment: disassemble distributor, solenoid valve, etc. Clean valve stem and core thoroughly with a toothbrush.

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When DISassembling THE pump and motor gears, mark the MEShing place between the gears and the MEShing place between the shaft and the inner teeth of the gears before disassembling to ensure that the assembly is assembled according to the meshing mark to prevent the generation of new meshing noise.

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If the contact surface between the pump swash plate and the slide plate is uneven, you can go on the lathe, mill the whole thing with a knife, and then use the pump to grind into a smooth surface and install with a thickened slide plate, otherwise, the plunger will bite the edge.

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