Do you know how to quote a metal stamping workpiece?​

Do you know how to quote a metal stamping workpiece? In fact, the method of quotation is very simple. The content of Precision Metal Stamping Companies quotation contains: metal material cost, stamping die cost, stamping die cost, fixture cost, stamping cost, machine processing cost, surface treatment cost, etc., understand these several costs can be quoted. Let's take a look at how each fee is obtained.

Metal stamping workpiece used in metal materials: open the stamping plan, calculate the length of the workpiece expansion; ​then use the calculation formula length × width × thickness × density × unit price (yuan/Kg) × (1.1-1.2) /10 (loss) to calculate the cost of the material.

Do you know how to quote a metal stamping workpiece?​

The calculation method of stamping die cost: according to the shape of the parts to estimate the punch die area of convex and concave die, unilateral allowance put 5cm, height put 3-5cm, according to the mold size to check the standard of die frame.

Stamping fee: based on tonnage. (0.8-1) yuan /60 ton, 1.2 yuan /80 ton. ​The Metal stamping workpiece used in the fixture fee and machining cost is not much, here is not as a calculation.

Surface treatment cost: oxidation 0.6 yuan/decimeter (each manufacturer quotes a little error); ​spray paint; ​screen printing. Coating; ​the surface is galvanized. Gross profit: 20-30%.

Quotation of stamping processing fee, confirm the price of blank. The first set of opening material width, step distance, material thickness, the weight of the blank. The material price of the product is obtained according to the selling price of the material in the market.

Confirm the stamping cost, a product is composed of multiple processes, each process may use a different tonnage of press. Can make the corresponding quotation according to your own company regulations.

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