Blow-up dolls or physical dolls?

First verdict: real sex dolls are far better than sex dolls.

Inflatable dolls are made of PVC material, feel is just like a raincoat, no experience, not only can’t pose, and feel tight adhesion, the so-called half an entity is inflatable dolls, doll head also have, just the other entities are PVC inflatable, inflatable dolls are on a treasure hung entity dolls and sell inflatable doll dogs.

The physical doll is a 1:1 ratio of human simulation, that is, life size sex doll, with TPE material simulation of human skin, soft and smooth feeling, with alloy simulation of human skeleton, can be put into a variety of poses, can be said to be a soulless she, so the experience will be far better than the sex doll.


So there are no advantages to sex dolls? Sex dolls are easy to store, light weight and cheap.

Physical dolls are inconvenient to store and relatively heavy.

In terms of single experience, physical dolls are far better than inflatable dolls.

Here with plans to start entity dolls or dolls friends alike: whether it’s a treasure or an east on almost all of the dolls are hung entity dolls sell inflatable dolls vinegar, so cause a lot of people to leave a shadow, feel real dolls are easy to cheat. This creates a very bad image.

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