How to choose instant coffee

Do you know what kinds of instant coffee are there?

Coffee bean grinding

Instant coffee was invented by a Japanese scientist in 1901. Today, there are many kinds of instant coffee, among which evaporation-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee are the most common. So what’s the difference between evaporation-drying and freeze-drying instant coffee? Which kind of instant coffee tastes better? There are two main factors affecting the taste and quality of instant coffee:

How to choose instant coffee

1. Coffee bean selection

Coffee tastes different from place of origin, season and bean. Arabica coffee, for example, is richer, silky and more aromatic; Robusta, on the other hand, has more caffeine and a stronger taste.

2. Production method

Whether evaporation-drying or freeze-drying, an instant coffee factory first roaster raw beans to mature beans, then grind the coffee and brew it in hot water to make a concentrate. It is the way the concentrate is dried that determines the final quality of instant coffee. There are two main drying methods for coffee concentrate:

1) evaporation drying method

Evaporative drying is the most common way to make instant coffee. At the processing plant, workers spray coffee concentrate at high temperatures. The concentrate dries quickly to form fine powder that condenses into each other, eventually forming instant coffee powder. The evaporated and dried instant coffee granules are spherical and look like coarsely ground coffee.

2) Freeze drying method

In freeze-drying, coffee concentrate condenses into tiny particles at temperatures of about minus 40 degrees Celsius. Workers collect these particles and dry them at low temperatures. To keep the ice crystals from melting, workers place the particles in a vacuum and slowly raise the temperature to sublimate them directly. Once the ice crystals in the granules have completely sublimated, the instant coffee powder is made.

So how do we tell the difference between evaporation-drying and freeze-drying instant coffee?

How to choose instant coffee

The difference between evaporation-drying and freeze-drying instant coffee is simple: taste + price comparison.

1. The aroma

Freeze-dried instant coffee takes longer to make, and its aroma and flavor are more intact at lower temperatures.

2. The taste

Due to the longer preparation process, the original natural taste of freeze-dried instant coffee is more complete, so the taste of freeze-dried instant coffee is better than that of evaporation-dried instant coffee.

Price of 3.

Freeze-dried instant coffee is also slightly more expensive because of its higher quality and more complex preparation process. By contrast, evaporation-dried instant coffee, which is cheaper to make, is cheaper.

Although freeze-dried instant coffee has a stronger taste and aroma, both coffees are very refreshing when it comes to caffeine content alone!

After understanding the quality and production process of instant coffee, how many kinds of instant coffee are currently sold in the mainstream market? Which groups and scenes are suitable for use?

1) Three in one instant coffee

The main ingredients are coffee powder, vegetable cream (coffee companion box creamer, etc.), sugar and other additives. We can see that on the ingredient list, the higher the ranking, the higher the proportion. A normal bag of 3-in-1 instant coffee weighs about 15 grams, of which the content of coffee powder is about 2 grams, and the vegetable fat is usually the first, in order to adjust the taste. Therefore, the taste of three-in-one instant coffee is mostly sweet, and the price is not expensive. It is the first time for many people to contact coffee, and the sales volume is also very good. Most 3-in-1 instant coffees are advised not to drink long term because they contain trans-fatty acids in their vegetable fat.

2) Instant black coffee

Instant black coffee is made by roasting, grinding, extracting and drying coffee beans in a series of procedures, including spray drying and freeze drying. Compared to instant black coffee, there are no other additives, just coffee granules. It is suitable for buying a can to refresh your mind at home or the office. Since most black coffee does not contain any sugar or fat, it is suitable for different people.

3) White coffee

It is a specialty of Malaysia. It uses the low-temperature roasting process to remove the bitter and sour taste of coffee. This process can also reduce the content of caffeine to a greater extent, which can protect our intestines and stomach. Ground coffee with creamer, lighter than black coffee, soft and smooth on the mouth.

Compared with the most cost-effective three in one, the pursuit of sweet taste can consider white coffee, if coffee is used to wake up the brain, you can not rule out the bitter that must be the first choice of healthy black coffee.

We have to admit that instant coffee still has a place in the market and its convenience cannot be replaced. Instant coffee lovers, next time you buy instant coffee, be sure to check whether it is freeze-dried or evaporation-dried.

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